Article Marketing Meets Video Marketing: Turn Articles into Videos

**Warning: 3rd video below will automatically load and play – apologies if your ears get blasted – pause it before you read any more**

Thanks to Gord Young for introducing me to this fantastic service that combines article marketing with video marketing and enables you to turn your articles into videos quickly and simply.

Watch these 2 videos on Article Video Robot as I walk you through creating a video out of one of my own articles.

This is so powerful for reaching new people, building relationships, increasing accessibility to your content, and leveraging the things you already do.

The service offers stock photos and music (as well as video if you are a business member) to add to your videos. Plus you can choose a computerized voiceover or you can record it yourself (either pre-record or record it live).

I’m not a big fan of computerized voiceovers (big surprise!) but I know many of you have already discovered Odiogo, which will automatically turn your articles into audio – again, great for added accessibility on your blog. I would prefer to hear you read your articles because what you have written in your own “voice” is bound to sound better in your own voice, but I know many are not as comfortable with recording their voice as I am (go on….bust through that comfort zone!).

This is the final version of the video I made:

Obviously, you will want to play around with the tools to perfect your videos and Article Video Robot offers a free 14 day trial in order to do this. Unfortunately, they only allow you to do certain things with the free videos you have created so you cannot upload them to Youtube or download them – you are reliant on the embed code, which I have used here (and find a bit stuttery and unreliable).

Also, the live recording doesn’t conform to my audio perfectionism streak (some might call me anal) but I can overcome that by pre-recording and uploading the mp3 (see the Audacity tutorials if you are unsure how to do this).

But, overall this service is exceptional and means you can harness the power of article marketing AND video marketing: more online real estate, more quality backlinks and greater accessibility.

freundinnenGo and try out Article Video Robot for yourself, and if you decide to buy, add tryme30 on the payment page for a 30% discount (join the Summer of Sound mailing list near the top right of this blog before 10th September 2009 to receive a full 50% discount)

5 Responses to “Article Marketing Meets Video Marketing: Turn Articles into Videos”

  1. Hey Lisa,

    Thanks for the mention.

    I appreciate your expert feedback.

    Seems there’s a few little tweeks needed to get it just so, like the
    timing with the text and voice.

    I agree that using your own voice, or hiring a voice over pro (know any ;)
    is much better than the computer generated voice. Although the computer
    voices might have a use in some instances.

    Couldn’t hear the playback sample on the first video…seems Camtasia
    didn’t pick it up.

    Glad you liked it. It sure simplifies things for those of us (me) who
    are somewhat techie challenged.


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  4. I like your videos and keep up the good work.

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