Creative Podcasting

creative-podcastingSome business owners have suggested to me that their business doesn’t translate well to a podcast format. They think their business isn’t interesting enough to have a regular “show” on the topic. They manufacture widgets, and really nobody is going to be interested in hearing about that widget every week!

I always urge them to think creatively. Maybe their manufactured widget wouldn’t make a fascinating topic for a regular podcast but they should think about who their customers are and what they would be interested in hearing on a regular basis.

Podcasts don’t have to be in a monologue or interview format. They can be almost anything you can conceive and will depend on your market.

You could create:

  • A round table discussion with experts within your field
  • An audio tour (city, ghost, walking, museum)
  • Story telling
  • Music band clips, interviews and soundbites
  • A tip or thought for the day
  • Audio articles from your blog
  • A News and information show from your industry
  • Training modules
  • Audio seminars and conferences
  • A comedy show

Audio is “Theatre of the Mind” and podcasting is the perfect place to let your creativity run wild! The more creative you are the more memorable your podcast and business will be. Of course, make sure you strike a balance – there’s no point being creative if at the end of the podcast nobody really knows what you do.

In my next post, I’ll share some of the podcasts I enjoy listening to and/or think are particularly creative and effective.

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