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Twitter Podcasting (or How to Add Audio to Your Twitter Stream)

Twitter Podcasting (or How to Add Audio to Your Twitter Stream)

There are now a number of different ways you can manage Twitter podcasting (without having to host the audio personally). Tools like Tweetmic (for the iPhone) and Phonevite offer you the opportunity to actually create your audio while on the move through your phone. This video takes a look at which I discovered just [...]

Audacity Tutorial Part 3: A Little Bit of Editing

In this Audacity Tutorial video, I show you some basic editing such as how to: cut unwanted audio out of your recording; silence a section of audio; undo your mistakes; and move a section of audio from one place to another. Thanks to Doug for pointing out another reason you might be having problems recording [...]

Audacity Tutorial Part 2: I can’t hear myself!

In this Audacity Tutorial, I show you how to change your preferences and why some things are more important than others. If you are having problems registering your voice recording or hearing the recording back, this video should offer some solutions. You will also see how to record and zoom in on sections of your [...]

Free Recording Software: Audacity Tutorial Part One

First of all, if you have come back to the blog and noticed it looks a bit different, well you’d be right. I accidentally messed up my site and had to re-install last night (thankfully I had a back-up of all my files). I took it as an opportunity to change the blog theme as [...]

Avoiding Pregnant Pauses: Tips for a Smooth Segue

Following the first of my series of guest posts on Alice Seba’s Internet Marketing Sweetie blog about online audio, I received some interesting questions from Peggy who wanted information fast before she conducted her first audio interview. One of the questions she asked is not answered in the blog series, and follows on from my [...]

Finding Royalty Free Music

I spent the best part of an afternoon going through the studio’s sound effects to find all the ones I needed for the Thirty Day Challenge Podcast introduction. That just left the circus music I needed and a couple of sound effects, so I went to ProductionTrax – a Royalty Free Music library – for [...]

What is Royalty Free Music? Does Free really mean Free?

Before I show you the next stage in creating the podcast intro, I want to cover the subject of royalty free music. Many people hear the word “free” and think that’s exactly what royalty free music is. Actually, many people still believe that any music they get online is free. The truth is that all [...]

I’m Blogging Crazy!

I'm Blogging Crazy!

Two announcements today, both about other blogs I’m involved with. I feel like I really have been going blogging crazy! Firstly, I have created a new blog and I feel ready to unleash it on the unsuspecting world (well, you guys anyway). I have been thinking for a long time that I should have a [...]

What Makes a Good Script for Audio?

In my last post I announced Cynthia Abel as the winner of the Thirty Day Challenge Podcast Intro competition. But what made me pick her script over the others? First of all, here’s her script as she provided it: The intro is a bit like a circus ringmaster introducing an act. With an underlying consequence [...]

And the Winner is…

A few people have been asking me who the winner was of the Thirty Day Challenge Podcast Intro competition. I haven’t heard Ed mention it yet, but I’m going to steal his thunder if he hasn’t as I want to share some of the reasons and techniques I used to make it. Thank you to [...]