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Top 10 Most Well Known Speaking Voices of All Time

Top 10 Most Well Known Speaking Voices of All Time

Voices have great impact. Often times you will recognize a voice before you do someone’s face. Individuals with clear, distinctive voices are in high demand for media positions. Below you’ll find a list of ten of some of the most well known and well loved speaking voices. James Earl Jones This man’s voice tops all [...]

Forget Britain’s Got Talent….

Forget Britain’s Got Talent…this is The Booth’s Got Talent! Every now and again (more and more regularly infact) we have been recording one-off audio demos for producers and emailing them as part of our weekly availability. This is our version of Britain’s Got Talent: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Our producer Mark Stephenson [...]

Name that Tune! (the Gargle Edition)

I would hate for anyone to think that life is just a boring slog of work for me – we manage to have a lot of fun too. So, earlier, instead of recording the On-Hold messages we were supposed to be producing we (me and Producer Paul) somehow found ourselves playing Name That Tune! (the [...]