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Finding Royalty Free Music

I spent the best part of an afternoon going through the studio’s sound effects to find all the ones I needed for the Thirty Day Challenge Podcast introduction. That just left the circus music I needed and a couple of sound effects, so I went to ProductionTrax – a Royalty Free Music library – for [...]

What is Royalty Free Music? Does Free really mean Free?

Before I show you the next stage in creating the podcast intro, I want to cover the subject of royalty free music. Many people hear the word “free” and think that’s exactly what royalty free music is. Actually, many people still believe that any music they get online is free. The truth is that all [...]

What does a Voiceover Recording Session sound like?

Many people are curious as to what happens during a voiceover recording session, so I’m letting you hear the whole of my session with Jon Iles when we recorded the Thirty Day Challenge Podcast intro. OK, this may not have been a typical recording session as Jon and I are friends and we were having [...]

What Makes a Good Script for Audio?

In my last post I announced Cynthia Abel as the winner of the Thirty Day Challenge Podcast Intro competition. But what made me pick her script over the others? First of all, here’s her script as she provided it: The intro is a bit like a circus ringmaster introducing an act. With an underlying consequence [...]

And the Winner is…

A few people have been asking me who the winner was of the Thirty Day Challenge Podcast Intro competition. I haven’t heard Ed mention it yet, but I’m going to steal his thunder if he hasn’t as I want to share some of the reasons and techniques I used to make it. Thank you to [...]

Feeling Creative? Thirty Day Challenge Podcast Intro Competition

For the past 2 years I have created an intro for Ed Dale’s Thirty Day Challenge podcasts (actually the first one I created was for his Smackdown comp with Frank Kern in UltraUnderachievers, but it was used later for the 30DC). This year I thought we should do it differently. This is partly because the [...]

Craft and Travel PLR Discount

I blogged previously about the ways you can use PLR creatively to promote your websites, gather leads and create products. In my Creative PLR post I mentioned how much I love the All Private Label content provided by Alice Seba and Mila Sidman. Well, they have just emailed me with a special offer for 2 [...]

Creative PLR Part 2: Beyond the Norm

So, where was I? Ah, yes, going beyond standard uses for PLR. I sat down earlier and created a list of different ways you could use PLR material (articles, reports and/or ebooks) that fits into my category of the Creative PLR User. First, it might be worth explaining why you would want to be creative [...]

Creative PLR Part 1

If you haven’t come across PLR (or Private Label Rights) content before, then this is simply articles and other material (ebooks, reports etc.) that are created and sold to multiples of people so they can use them as their own. This usually means purchasers can modify them, use them on their own websites and in their [...]

Audio Interviews: You as the Expert

Many people draw a blank when they start to tackle product creation. Ebooks have been the standard fodder for digital sales online for so long that marketers think they have to write a book (or find the money to get someone to write it for them) in order to have their own product to sell. [...]