The Optimus Prime of Social Bookmarking: Traffic Android Review

One of the best things about having been a part of a number of Internet Marketing communities (in particular the Immediate Edge and Thirty Day Challenge) and making some talented friends and acquaintances along the way, is that I have the opportunity occasionally to Beta test cool new tools.

Recently I have been a Beta tester for 2 tools that have got me really excited. The first is Market Samurai, which I was able to Beta test as part of the Immediate Edge and is now being used within the Thirty Day Challenge. If you aren’t a part of either of those communities then you will get the chance to buy it soon and I will explain more about it then (incidentally, when it’s released it looks like they are majorly undercharging for it – this tool is outstanding for keyword and market research).

The second tool I have been Beta testing is called Traffic Android. This has been created by a talented young guy called Nathan Ridley to make the process of social bookmarking a whole lot easier.

One of the problems with social bookmarking is the time it takes to manually bookmark a web page to a multitude of sites AND make it appear natural and organic. The temptation is to go crazy with the bookmarking and post to every site in a short space of time because otherwise you forget to return to it, or you lose track of where you have and haven’t posted.

Social bookmarking is a useful method for getting search engines to notice your blog posts and web sites (and in some cases attract referral traffic) but the sites need to be used in a natural way in order to avoid being labeled as spam.

Traffic Android has a number of things going for it that I haven’t seen elsewhere:

  • Creates a timeline for posting to each social bookmarking site based on your preferred time delay (you can spread it over a whole week if you want)
  • Shows you which sites you will need to manually post to (due to their anti-spamming measures) and enable you to do this by bringing the security captcha to you
  • Saves all your information in project and campaign files so you know what and where you have posted (this alone is a gem for me, as it avoids having to keep pages of notes or create spreadsheets)
  • Posts to each site while you are happily getting on with other tasks
  • Enables different account profiles so you can spread your bookmarking among a number of accounts
  • Offers a choice of which sites you bookmark to, with information on each one, such as which have follow and no-follow links.

All you need to do is fill in a little basic information on your web page, as well as a short description.

At the moment you do need to create your own profiles with each of the bookmarking sites, but Nathan is working on automating that for you too. In fact, the best is yet to come. More features and bookmarking sites are being added all the time and buyers receive all future updates.

Now for some technical info.

Traffic Android works on a .net framework so it does require running a Windows program (which is possible on some Macs). The interface is very clear and easy to use (being a technical dummy myself I asked Nathan to make sure the instructions was extremely clear).

I’ll warn you now that this is priced at $197, but there is a free trial in order for you to assess its usefulness. I think you have to weigh the price against what you would normally spend on your bookmarking. Not just the financial cost (if you outsource this, it will cost you upwards of $10 a time for one user account to approx. 30 sites so you’ll be breaking even pretty quickly) but also the cost of your time.

Traffic Android definitely has my seal of approval and I have used it to bookmark a number of different web pages now with great success.

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