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Mixing Your Pamela for Skype Interview in Audacity

In the previous video I showed you how to set-up Pamela for Skype recordings. In this video I show how easy it is to edit and mix the recording in Audacity: Some people have asked what version of Pamela I was using in the previous video. I use the top package which is the professional [...]

Audacity Tutorial: Splicing Audio Together (Correcting Mistakes)

Audacity Tutorial: Splicing Audio Together (Correcting Mistakes)

Thanks to Glenn Murphy for his questions on recording and editing using Audacity. This video shows you how to go back and take mistakes out of your audio, add a retake and then mix them together into one audio track again. It’s really simple, and the good thing about Audacity is it makes it difficult [...]

Adding the Finishing Touches to Your Podcast Audio

Adding the Finishing Touches to Your Podcast Audio

Following my previous video on mixing your podcast, Allison went away and did her homework and mixed her intro and outro with a piece of audio recorded on SAM (Skype Answering Machine). It was pretty good for her first try (and I don’t want to sound patronizing when I say that). A few things I [...]

An Aside from the Aside: Audacity’s Time Shift Tool

This is an aside from yesterday’s aside (or maybe just an add-on to yesterday’s video). Ron “Micronet” Harwood of Colossal Marketing reminded me about the Time Shift Tool in Audacity, which is a much better and more precise way of moving and lining-up audio where you want it: I’ll show you some final tips and [...]

Audacity Tutorial Part 5: Simple Mixing Music with Voice

If you want to just put a little bit of music on the beginning and end of your videos then this Audacity video is for you. It shows you how to add a new track to appear alongside your voice track, simply fade the music in and out, and mix the tracks together. Unfortunately the [...]

Audacity Tutorial 4: Make some noise (or not)!

In this Audacity Tutorial I have tried to tackle a couple of the main tasks folks want to deal with when they have audio of their own voice or an interview. Firstly, how to make the audio louder or softer. Especially in interviews, you will often find one person is louder than the other. There [...]

Audacity Tutorial Part 3: A Little Bit of Editing

In this Audacity Tutorial video, I show you some basic editing such as how to: cut unwanted audio out of your recording; silence a section of audio; undo your mistakes; and move a section of audio from one place to another. Thanks to Doug for pointing out another reason you might be having problems recording [...]

Audacity Tutorial Part 2: I can’t hear myself!

In this Audacity Tutorial, I show you how to change your preferences and why some things are more important than others. If you are having problems registering your voice recording or hearing the recording back, this video should offer some solutions. You will also see how to record and zoom in on sections of your [...]

Free Recording Software: Audacity Tutorial Part One

First of all, if you have come back to the blog and noticed it looks a bit different, well you’d be right. I accidentally messed up my site and had to re-install last night (thankfully I had a back-up of all my files). I took it as an opportunity to change the blog theme as [...]