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Avoiding Pregnant Pauses: Tips for a Smooth Segue

Following the first of my series of guest posts on Alice Seba’s Internet Marketing Sweetie blog about online audio, I received some interesting questions from Peggy who wanted information fast before she conducted her first audio interview. One of the questions she asked is not answered in the blog series, and follows on from my [...]

Interview Tips #6 – 8: Final Thoughts

Tip #6 – Don’t let your pre-prepared questions dictate the interview I pretty much covered this in Tip #5. Try to let the interview move along naturally. If the interviewee covers a topic you were going to ask about later, let them follow that line of thought and ask any related questions. If new and better [...]

Interview Tips #5: Are You Really Listening?

It annoys the hell out of me when interviewers ask questions that have already been answered, or they miss the opportunity to explore another more interesting avenue of questioning, simply because they haven’t been paying enough attention. It’s easy to be worrying so much about everything running smoothly and what you are going to say [...]

Interview Tips #4: Put Your Interviewee at Ease

Take the time before an interview to put your interviewee at ease. It will make a huge difference to the outcome of the interview. There are a number of ways to do this: Brief them on the general outline of the interview. If they ask for questions beforehand, supply them with your questions or your [...]

Interview Tips #3: Outline Your Interview

Your interview format should not be set in stone, in fact there is a good reason for it not to be (see tip #5 coming up shortly). However, it is a good idea to outline the interview in note form for you to refer to. This could take the form of a flowchart. Or it [...]

Interview Tips #2: Know Your Topic and Interviewee

So, I have already covered Tip #1: Know Your Equipment. But what else will help you get the best out of an interview? Tip #2: Know Your Topic and Interviewee No, you don’t have to take them down to the pub and grill them for a life history before the interview (although, maybe not a [...]

Interview Tips #1: the Backstreet Boys Incident

Whether you are the interviewer or interviewee, online or in any other media, there are a number of ways you can make the (sometimes nerve-wracking) process a whole lot easier. Let’s begin with you as the interviewer. Tip #1: Know your equipment I have been interviewing people for many years, and have been the interviewee [...]

Audio Interviews: You as the Expert

Many people draw a blank when they start to tackle product creation. Ebooks have been the standard fodder for digital sales online for so long that marketers think they have to write a book (or find the money to get someone to write it for them) in order to have their own product to sell. [...]