I get asked for quotes a lot from internet marketers. While the majority of quotes I give for work are based on the particular job in question, I have found that many jobs for internet marketers tend to be similar enough to be able to offer a set rate. I thought it would be useful to list those particular services here with the fees, especially as many new marketers have no idea of what they might expect to pay for a voiceover. Feel free to contact me for a specific quote if you don’t see what you want here.

Please note: Just because a service is listed here does not mean I will definitely take on your project. I may have to refuse a project (usually this will be because of time constraints, other work, or subject matter I am uncomfortable with). I do have contacts with other voiceovers who may be prepared to record your work, but I cannot speak for their own pricing structure.

1. Me interviewing you for a podcast/product creation:

  • Service includes me performing background research and constructing a plan of the interview including sample questions.
  • Liaising with you regarding subjects you wish to be included and important points you want made
  • Recording the interview via Skype – up to 1 hour recording
  • Any necessary post-recording editing
  • Audio provided in mp3 format plus a cd hard copy mailed to you

Fee: $250USD

2. Voice Critique

Do you hate the sound of your voice? Do you avoid recording audio and video because you worry your voice isn’t good enough? I will help you gain confidence in your voicing skills by providing an assessment and tips to help improve your skills.

  • You provide a five minute recording of your voice – this can be you reading a part of an audio book, sample podcast or video (whatever you are planning on recording)
  • I will provide a constructive critique of your voice and give tips on how to improve on your style
  • You will follow-up with another recording to show improvements

Fee: $100USD

3. Podcasts

Do you wish to broadcast a regular podcast but don’t want to record and produce it yourself?

  • You provide the script, style requirements etc
  • I record and edit the podcast – up to 30 mins playing time
  • For the first podcast I create a branded intro and tag with relevant royalty-free music to brand your podcast, which can then be used on subsequent podcasts (no extra fee for this)
  • I mix the intro and tag with the main podcast audio and provide in mp3 format

Fee: $250USD up to 30 mins running time

4. Podcast Intro/Tag

If you are recording your own podcasts but would like them branded with their own introduction and end tag, I can provide these as a one-off service:

  • Recording the voiceover audio
  • Finding and editing appropriate royalty-free music that reflects the style/subject of your podcast
  • Mixing voiceover and music together
  • Providing in mp3 format

Fee: $100USD – please note, that this is for a basic podcast intro and tag, not for the “all bells and whistles” style podcast intro – please ask for individual quotes if you require sound effects, multiple voices/impressions etc.

Please contact me to check availability for these services or for individual quotes on other work. All fees will be requested via PayPal on completion of the service.

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